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Like the ball, the game is always evolving.  One day this tall guy is hitting every basket, the next day the point guard will be bagging all the shots.  Versatility is a needed element in every player’s game.  Defenders will be caught off-guard if a ball handler is unreadable, and has a wide repertoire of shots.  Here are shot skills every baller should possess.


A decent coach or any mentor with a background in sport management will teach his players basic game techniques according to their skills.  A player that has a small stature isn’t a waste in court position.  Miniscule ballers are often lightning fast, and can slash and slice to the basket even with several defenders.  They might not be able to touch the rim, but they can similarly score a point like any other player a la Allen Iverson or Nate Robinson.
How would they score a goal?  The preferred shooting technique for them is a lay-up.  Their quick steps can bring them ahead of the pack, hence free them up from shot blockers and defenders.  The method involves tossing the ball up into the basket, either directly or letting it bounce off the glass and let it drain down the basket. The player will be attempting the goal near the basket, hence his chances of not making a goal is slim.  The maneuver can also be performed on either side of the basket.

Jump Shot

Any basic player knows the basic jump shot.  The beauty of this shot attempt is that it allows the baller to execute it anywhere on the court.  Players who can elevate above the walls of defenders can benefit more out of this shot.  As a bonus, any player who attempts a jump shot beyond the three point arc will be awarded with three points instead of the regular two.  The likes of Reggie Miller, Glenn Rice and Ray Allen outshine most basketball stars in this shot category.


A slam dunk  is the most electrifying move in the sport of basketball, sending the audience out of their seat with the maneuver.  There are, however, special requirements needed to complete a dunk.  Stuffing the rubber ball into the basket requires more than will.  It requires elevation to reach the rim, either by tall stature or superhuman jumping capability.  Adding a little sprinkle of creativity won’t also be such a bad idea.  Michael Jordan slam dunked the ball from the free throw line.  Kobe Bryant has his ball between the leg dunk.  Some players like Shaq stuff the ball in with all their might.

Free Throw

When a player is fouled and is given a chance to make up for his violated shot attempt, that’s when a player is given a free throw.  The baller is given two free shot opportunities.  They’ll be permitted to perform any shooting motion as long as they do not go beyond the free throw line.  The usual shot maneuver is a jump shot.

Almost all NBA players are excellent free throwers.  There are, however, exemptions.  Infamous shooters from the 15-foot line include Shaquille O’neal and Dwight Howard.

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